A thick sack full of wheat stood
On a store on the wall.
Then came the cunning folk of the mice
And whistled in this way:

“Oh, you in the corner,
Most powerful of the sacks! [...]"

The sack hears with intimate composure
Of being so revered.

Quite unintentionally a mouse has eaten
A hole in the meantime.
The grain runs smoothly.
The mice are crunchy.

It is already wrinkled, crooked, and dull.
The mice become fat and smooth.

… It’s coming the end of the Wilhelm Busch drama now!


The ingenious drawings and stories of Wilhelm Busch allow several interpretations.
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As market leader of HR solutions for assembly automation and packaging machine manufacturers, we find for you the commissioning engineers with PLC experience, who travel gladly and don’t have any problems with long absence times. This relieves your current employees and increases motivation and performance. At the same time, you can save a lot of costs, because you no longer have to use third-party companies for this function on the construction site.

Savings potential: 0,8% of turnover

Reduction of the commissioning costs

According to our experience with the use of external employees in the engineering a lot of experience knowledge of your company will be lost. This results in duplication and mistakes which lead to longer commissioning times on the construction site.

Savings potential: 1% of turnover